A general approach to noncommutative spaces from Poisson homogeneous spaces: Applications to (A)dS and Poincaré

In this contribution (arXiv:2212.11750) we present a general procedure that allows the construction of noncommutative spaces with quantum group invariance as the quantization of their associated coisotropic Poisson homogeneous spaces coming from a coboundary Lie bialgebra structure. The approach is illustrated by obtaining in an explicit form several noncommutative spaces from (3+1)D (A)dS and Poincaré coisotropic Lie bialgebras. In particular, we review the construction of the κ-Minkowski and κ-(A)dS spacetimes in terms of the cosmological constant Λ. Furthermore, we present all noncommutative Minkowski and (A)dS spacetimes that preserved a quantum Lorentz subgroup. Finally, it is also shown that the same setting can be used to construct the three possible 6D κ-Poincaré spaces of time-like. Some open problems are also addressed.