2015 contributions

A. Blasco, A. Ballesteros, F. J. Herranz, F. Musso
An Integrable Hénon-Heiles on the sphere and the hyperboloid
Oral and poster contributions
Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems, NEEDS 15
Cagliari, Italy, 24/05/2015.

P. Naranjo, A. Ballesteros, F.J. Herranz, C. Meusburger
The role of quantum groups in (2+1)-gravity: An appraisal
Oral contribution
Radboud Theoretical Physics Seminar, Radboud University
Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 15/06/2015.

I. Gutierrez-Sagredo, A. Ballesteros, F.J. Herranz
The two-dimensional Taub-NUT system
Poster contribution
Joint STAMP conference and 9th ICMAT International GMC Summer School on Symplectic Geometry, Classical Mechanics and Interactions with Spectral Theory
Madrid, Spain, 29/06/2015

O. Ragnisco, A. Ballesteros, A. Enciso, F.J. Herranz, D. Latini, D. Riglioni
The classical Darboux III oscillator: factorization, Spectrum Generating Algebra and solution to the equations of motion
XXIII International Conference on Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries (ISQS-23)
Prague, Czech Republic, 23/06/2015
Oral contribution

F.J. Herranz, A. Ballesteros, S. Kuru, J. Negro
Exactly solvable anisotropic oscillators on the two-dimensional sphere and the hyperbolic space
Invited talk
IX International Symposium on Quantum Theory and Symmetries
Yerevan, Armenia, 13/07/2015

A. Blasco, A. Ballesteros, F. J. Herranz, F. Musso
The Integrable KdV-Hénon-Heiles Hamiltonian on the sphere and the hyperboloid
Oral contribution
XXXV Encuentro de la Sociedad Española de Física
Gijón, Spain, 14/07/2015

P. Naranjo, A. Ballesteros, F.J. Herranz, C. Meusburger
Towards (3+1) gravity through Drinfel’d doubles with cosmological constant
Oral contribution
International Conference on Quantum Gravity LOOPS15,
Erlangen, Germany, 16/07/2015.

A. Ballesteros, F.J. Herranz, F. Musso, P. Naranjo
On quantum spacetime symmetries with cosmological constant
Quantum Gravity Phenomenology
Rome, Italy, 20/07/2015
Plenary talk

A. Ballesteros, A. Blasco, F.J. Herranz, F. Musso
An integrable Hénon-Heiles system on the sphere and the hyperbolic space
Contributed talk
XXIV International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics
Zaragoza, Spain, 01/09/2015

A. Ballesteros, F.J. Herranz, C. Meusburger, F. Musso, P. Naranjo
(A)dS Drinfel´d doubles and Quantum Gravity with cosmological constant
Invited talk
XXXV Max Born Symposium “The Planck Scale II”
Wroclaw, Poland, 07/09/2015

F.J. Herranz
The Cayley-Klein approach to symmetrical homogenous spaces: Isometries, trigonometry and conformal symmetries
Invited talk
III Meeting on Lie systems
Warsaw, Poland, 21/09/2015

A. Ballesteros
Drinfel´d doubles and noncommutative spacetimes with cosmological constant
INFN and Physics Department seminars
Roma Tre University, 30/11/2015
Invited seminar

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