2022 publications

A. Ballesteros, I. Gutierrez-Sagredo, F.J. Herranz
Noncommutative (A)dS and Minkowski spacetimes from quantum Lorentz subgroups
Classical and Quantum Gravity, vol. 39, 015018 (2022)

A. Addazi, …, A.Ballesteros, G. Gubitosi, I. Gutiérrez-Sagredo, F.J. Herranz, F. Mercati, J. Relancio, … et al.
Quantum gravity phenomenology at the dawn of the multi-messenger era — A review
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics, 103948 (2022)

F. Mercati, D. Sloan
Traversing through a Black Hole Singularity
Physical Review D, vol. 106, 044015 (2022)

A. Ballesteros, I. Gutierrez-Sagredo, F.J. Herranz
The noncommutative space of light-like worldlines
Physics Letters B, 89 (2022) 137120

S.A. Franchino-Viñas, J.J. Relancio
Geometrize and conquer: the Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations in Doubly Special Relativity

S. de-la-Huerta-Sainz, A. Ballesteros, N.A. Cordero
Quantum revivals in curved graphene nanoflakes
Nanomaterials, (2022), 12, 1953

M. Adamo, S. Pietroni, M. Spurio
Astrophysical sources and acceleration mechanisms
Proceedings of Science, to appear (2022)

A. Blasco, I. Gutierrez-Sagredo, F.J. Herranz
Higher-order superintegrable momentum-dependent Hamiltonians on curved spaces from the classical Zernike system
Submitted, (2022)

J.M. Carmona, J.L. Cortes, J.J. Relancio, M.A. Reyes
Cosmic Neutrinos as a Window to Departures from Special Relativity
Symmetry 2022, 14(7), 1326

G. Chirco, S. Liberati, J.J. Relancio
Space-time thermodynamics in momentum dependent geometries
Submitted, (2022)

I. Gutierrez-Sagredo, D. Iglesias Ponte, J. C. Marrero, E. Padrón, Z. Ravanpak
Unimodularity and invariant volume forms for Hamiltonian dynamics on Poisson-Lie groups
Submitted, (2022)

J.M. Carmona, J.L. Cortes, J.J. Relancio, M.A. Reyes
Time delays, choice of energy-momentum variables and relative locality in doubly special relativity
Submitted, (2022)

D. Fernández-Silvestre, M.R.R. Good, E.V. Linder
Upon the horizon’s verge: thermal particle creation between and approaching horizons
Submitted, (2022)

A. Ballesteros, I. Gutierrez-Sagredo, F.J. Herranz
All noncommutative spaces of κ-Poincaré geodesics
Submitted, (2022)

A. Ballesteros, I. Gutierrez-Sagredo
Shannon information entropy for a quantum nonlinear oscillator on a space of non-constant curvature
Submitted, (2022)