The group belongs to the consortium “Q-CAYLE: Secure Quantum Communications in Castilla y León”, supported by the Regional Government of Castilla y León (Junta de Castilla y León) and by the Ministry of Science and Innovation MICIN and the European Union NextGenerationEU (PRTR C17.I1). The Consortium is leaded by the SCAYLE Foundation (Supercomputación en Castilla y León), and includes the Mathematical Physics groups of the Universities of Salamanca and Valladolid, as well as the  “Photonics, Quantum information, Radiation and Dispersion of Waves” group of the latter.

The role of the group within the project consists in developing mathematical aspects of quantum information theory that can be useful for quantum communication technologies. Among them, we quote the theory and applications of quantum reference frames and quantum observers, the role of quantum groups in quantum information theory and the study of quantum aspects of the gravitational field at low energies.

Complete information on the Q-CAYLE project and activities can be found here.

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