COST Action CA18108 “Quantum gravity phenomenology in the multi-messenger approach”

Coordinator: José Manuel Cardona (University of Zaragoza, Spain)

The exploration of the Universe has recently entered a new era thanks to the multi-messenger paradigm. The detection of cosmic particles (photons, neutrinos, cosmic rays), now joined by the birth of gravitational wave astronomy, gives us information about the different sources in the Universe and the properties of the intergalactic medium. In particular, the most energetic events allow us to test our physical theories at energy regimes which are not directly accessible in accelerators. This is in fact the target of quantum gravity phenomenology, a quite recent field of physics that tries to set phenomenological models that may incorporate some of the effects of the Planck scale, thus providing a bottom-up approach to the largely studied quantum gravity problem.

The main objective of this recently approved COST Action is to gather theoretical and experimental working groups from the relevant communities (with proper geographical, age and gender balance) to work in the prediction and possibility of detection of physical phenomena characteristic from quantum gravity theories. This cooperation is necessary to address this challenge properly, which may result in extraordinary advancements in fundamental physics. A second objective will be the formation of a generation of scientists that will be competent in the interdisciplinary expertise that is needed in the effective search of quantum gravity footprints in the production, propagation and detection of these cosmic messengers. Whatever the outcomes of this search may be, it will certainly have an important impact on science through a better understanding of the Universe and its fundamental laws.