2018 contributions

I. Gutiérrez-Sagredo
Classical dynamical r–matrices and phase space quantization of (2+1)–gravity
12th Young Researchers Workshop on Geometry, Dynamics and Control
Padova, Italy, 22/01/2018

A. Ballesteros
From quantum groups to noncommutative spacetimes and worldlines
Invited talk
Observers in Quantum Gravity
La Sapienza, Rome, 22/01/2018

I. Gutiérrez-Sagredo
Curved momentum spaces from quantum groups with cosmological constant
Seminar of the Physics Department
La Sapienza, Rome, 26/01/2018

A. Ballesteros
Curved momentum spaces from quantum (Anti-)de Sitter groups in (3+1) dimensions
Contributed talk
Workshop of the COST Action QSpace
Sofia, Bulgaria, 21/02/2018