2021 publications

A. Ballesteros, I. Gutiérrez-Sagredo, F. Mercati
Coisotropic Lie bialgebras and complementary dual Poisson homogeneous spaces
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, vol. 54, 315203 (2021)

A. Ballesteros, A. Blasco, I. Gutierrez-Sagredo
Exact closed-form solution of a modified SIR model

A. Ballesteros, F. Giacomini, G. Gubitosi
The group structure of dynamical transformations between quantum reference frames
Quantum, vol. 5, 470 (2021)

A. Ballesteros, R. Campoamor-Stursberg, E. Fernandez-Saiz, F. J. Herranz, J. de Lucas
Poisson-Hopf deformations of Lie-Hamilton systems revisited: deformed superposition rules and applications to the oscillator algebra
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, vol. 54, 205202 (2021)

I. Gutierrez-Sagredo, F.J. Herranz
Cayley-Klein Lie bialgebras: Noncommutative spaces, Drinfel’d doubles and kinematical applications
Symmetry, vol. 13, 1249 (2021)

F. Mercati, P. Reichert
Total Collisions in the N-Body Shape Space
Symmetry, vol. 13, 1712 (2021)

A. Ballesteros, G. Gubitosi, F. Mercati
Interplay between spacetime curvature, speed of light and quantum deformations of relativistic symmetries
Symmetry, vol. 13, 2099 (2021)

A. Ballesteros, G. Gubitosi, I. Gutiérrez-Sagredo, F. Mercati
Fuzzy worldlines with κ-Poincaré symmetries
Journal of High Energy Physics, vol. 12, 080 (2021)