Noncommutative (A)dS and Minkowski spacetimes from quantum Lorentz subgroups

In this new paper (arXiv:2108.02683) the complete classification of classical r-matrices generating quantum deformations of the (3+1)-dimensional (A)dS and Poincaré groups such that their Lorentz sector is a quantum subgroup is presented. It is found that there exists three classes of such r-matrices, one of them being a novel two-parametric one. The (A)dS and Minkowskian Poisson homogeneous spaces corresponding to these three deformations are explicitly constructed in both local and ambient coordinates. Their quantization is performed, thus giving rise to the associated noncommutative spacetimes, that in the Minkowski case are naturally expressed in terms of quantum null-plane coordinates, and they are always defined by homogeneous quadratic algebras. Finally, non-relativistic and ultra-relativistic limits giving rise to novel Newtonian and Carrollian noncommutative spacetimes are also presented.