Integrable deformations of Rössler and Lorenz systems from Poisson-Lie groups

In the recent paper arXiv:1601.03357, a method to construct integrable deformations of Hamiltonian systems of ODEs endowed with Lie-Poisson symmetries is proposed by considering Poisson-Lie groups as deformations of Lie-Poisson (co)algebras. Moreover, the underlying Lie-Poisson symmetry of the initial system of ODEs is used to construct integrable coupled systems, whose integrable deformations can be obtained through the construction of the appropriate Poisson-Lie groups that deform the initial symmetry. The approach is applied in order to construct integrable deformations of both uncoupled and coupled versions of certain integrable types of Rössler and Lorenz systems. It is worth stressing that such deformations are of non-polynomial type since they are obtained through an exponentiation process that gives rise to the Poisson-Lie group from its infinitesimal Lie bialgebra structure. The full deformation procedure is essentially algorithmic and can be computerized to a large extent.

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