Towards (3+1) gravity through Drinfel’d doubles with cosmological constant

In this work (arXiv:1502.07518) we present the generalisation to (3+1) dimensions of a quantum deformation of the (2+1) (Anti)-de Sitter and Poincaré Lie algebras that is compatible with the conditions imposed by the Chern–Simons formulation of (2+1) gravity. Since such compatibility is automatically fulfilled by deformations coming from Drinfel’d double structures, we believe said structures are worth being analysed also in the (3+1) scenario as a possible guiding
principle towards the description of (3+1) gravity. To this aim, a canonical classical r-matrix arising from a Drinfel’d double structure for the three (3+1) Lorentzian algebras is obtained. This r-matrix turns out to be a twisted version of the one corresponding to the (3+1) kappa-deformation, and the main properties of its associated noncommutative spacetime are analysed. In particular, it is shown that this new quantum spacetime is not isomorphic to the kappa-Minkowski one, and that the isotropy of the quantum space coordinates can be preserved through a suitable change of basis of the quantum algebra generators. Throughout the paper the cosmological constant appears as an explicit parameter, thus allowing the (flat) Poincaré limit to be straightforwardly obtained.

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